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One Step® Subli Cotton Press Release

1 Step® Subli Cotton allows full color images to be transferred onto a large variety of white or pastel colored fabrics, including 100% cotton, while retaining a soft, stretchable and image only transfer. The durability of the transfer in washings is matched to a screen printed image. By using the specialty paper and powder, they will allow only the transfer of the sublimation inks to the garment, as the paper does not transfer any coating. The powder is specially formulated to deter the sublimation inks from migrating and retain a crisp and sharp image over time.

Foil and flock can also be used after the transfer to add extra effects to the image. This will add an extra dimension to your image. If looking to only decorate a garment with foil or flock, the use of a regular inkjet printer and ink can be used to obtain the foil or flock transfer onto any color fabric.

  • Peels: Cold
  • Finish: Matte or Glossy
  • Recommended Fabrics:
    White or light-colored cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, Lycra®, and some nylons
  • Recommended Printers:
    All desktop Sublimation inkjet printers
  • Compatible with: Sublimation inks

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